Maria Méndez Real, PhD Student

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Lab-STICC - Centre de recherche- Laboratory CNRS UMR 6285
Université de Bretagne-Sud
Tel: (+) 2 97 87 45 04
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The TSUNAMY project

The TSUNAMY project (2013-2017) addresses the problem of secure handling of personal data and privacy in manycore architectures. The TSUNAMY project aims to propose a solution of trust building to execute many independent applications in parallel, safely and ensuring respect for the privacy of users. For this, several contributions are proposed:

1) Development of a processing cluster to run both algorithms for processing information and cryptographic algorithms (with a strong level of coupling for performance reasons but while
ensuring no leakage of information),
2) Development of a manycore architecture integrating heterogeneous clusters for secure cryptographic,
3) Development of mechanisms for logical isolation (in software) and physical (hardware level) to ensure execution of partitioned applications,
4) Joint development of software layers (driver, API ...) and hardware to provide a chain of trust and
5) Development of strategies for dynamically distributing applications on a manycore architecture.

All of these contributions will be validated through simulation modeling using SystemC CABA. SoCLib environment and the TSAR architecture and the ALMOS operating system will be
used to validate the project.
The TSUNAMY project aims to provide the scientific community of academic and industrial with models of architectures and software libraries to efficiently and securely deploy applications
on manycore architectures.