Master Course on Applied Crypto

Arnaud Tisserand (CNRS, Lab-STICC, UBS)

May 2018

Remarque: Français / English

Les supports du cours sont essentiellement en anglais pour permettre à un maximum d’étudiants de suivre le cours et de préparer les étudiants francophones à la documentation scientifique et technique majoritairement en anglais. Des livres et documents seront conseillés dans les deux langues. La langue du cours oral sera déterminée en fonction de l’auditoire.

Master Degree in Cyber-Security of Embedded Systems at UBS Lorient

University of South Brittany (UBS) proposes a Master degree in Cyber-Security of Embedded Systems (CSSE in French). One of the main objective in this Master degree is the training of highly qualified specialists in hardware/software co-design of secure embedded electronic systems.

Course Description

Cryptography is an essential tool in cyber-security. A complete course module is dedicated to applied crypto during the first year (M1) of the CSSE Master Degree. The course focuses on hardware (FPGA, ASIC) and embedded software (microcontrollers and embedded processors) implementation of the main cryptographic primitives and their protection against attacks including typical logical attacks (man in the middle, replay, tampering, brute force, etc.) and physical attacks (side channel analysis, fault injection, etc.).

The course covers:

For each type of cryptographic primitive, we will study its principle(s), related mathematical foundations, implementation aspects (for hardware and embedded software), related attacks and protections (at various levels: algorithms, architecture, units, circuit).


Reference Books and On-line Ressources

Livres en Français (Books in French)

Books in English

On-line Ressources (institutions, articles, white papers, etc.)

Course Organization

TDs and TPs will be shared with M. Timo Zijlstra (PhD Student in Lab-STICC lab.) for 2017-2018.


Arnaud Tisserand: office 213 ter in Huygens Research Center, UBS. Web page, email, phone: 02 97 87 46 49.