Student Advising

Current Ph.D. Students

Robin Danilo

Bio-inspired vision system based on binary sparse neural networks

Huges Wouafo

Neuromorphic hardware architectures and sparse neural coding

Satyajit Das

Architecture and programming model support for reconfigurable accelerators in shared-memory many-cores

Ph.D. Graduates

Thomas Peyret

High-Level Synthesis for designing fault tolerant architectures on FPGA,

Mohamed Ben Hamouda

High level synthesis for circuit generation that supports software like debugging

Saeed Ur Remhan

Toward Flexible Hardware Architectures for Parallel Turbo-like Decoders.

Paolo Burgio

Use of shared memory in the context of embedded multi-core processor: exploration of the technology and its limits

Aroua Briki

Architectural Synthesis for designing complex memory unit

Awais Sani,

Algorithm / Architecture Matching for the design of complex memory pattern-access for Digital Signal Processing applications

Ghizlane Lebreton-Lhairech,

High-Level Synthesis for low-power design on FPGA

Kods Trabelsi,

Optimization methods for the hardware design of digital systems

Caaliph Andriamisaina,

High-Level Synthesis of multimode Architecture for DSP applications

Cyrille Chavet,

High-Level Synthesis of Space and Time Communication Adpater

Farhat Thabet

Behavioral Modeling for the Simulation and the High-Level Synthesis of Algorithmic IP Core


M.Sc. Graduates

Baptiste Goupille-Lescar

Design and programmation of reconfigurable accelerators in shared-memory many-cores

Sureshbabu Ramesh

Study and analysis of application mapping methods on CGRAs

Robin Danilo

Architecture and Programming Model Support for Efficient Heterogeneous Computing on Tigthly-Coupled Shared-Memory Clusters

Nicolas Charpentier

Neuromorphic hardware architectures and sparse neural coding

Hugues Wouafo

HLS tool based on LLVM front-end

Michelle Furtado Pinheiro Do Carmo

Virtual prototyping of an MP3 codec with the SocLib platform

Vianney Lapotre

Branch prediction for high-level synthesis

Aroua briki

Hierarchical High-Level Synthesis: A Case study of a Reed Solomon Encoder-Decoder

Hicham Lalaoui Hassani

Impact study of the HLS design steps and RTL coding styles on the design optimization

Mickael Adam

Design Space Exploration for MPSoC

Moahamed Aabidi

Design with HLS : A case study of a Maximum A Posteriori for Turbo decoder

Ghizlane LeBreton,

Bit-Width Aware High-Level Synthesis

Youcef Mekla

High-Level Synthesis for Low-Power Design

Sebastien Tregarot

Fast Prototyping of a MIMO application using the SocLib simulation platform
Jean-Baptiste Le Goff,

Communication refinement for the simulation and the synthesis of algorithmic IP-core


Post-doc researchers

Awais Sani

Auto-configurable Hardware Architectures for Parallel Turbo-like Decoders

Jorgiano Vidal

HLS tool front-end

Caaliph Andriamisaina

Automatic generation of simulation model using HLS



Ghizlane Lebreton

GAUT3 : High-Level Synthesis tool

Mickael Lanoe

GAUT3 : High-Level Synthesis tool

LinFeng Ye

Parallel interleaver generator